The Quest for a Perfect Mobile App

Mobile App Development

Clearly, a mobile app has to be developed and you need someone to deal with it. There are a lot of outsourcing opportunities nowadays, when you can find specialists from all over the world across the Internet. But, what many overlook is that you can’t always trust someone from the other end of the world handling one of your most powerful business tools. That’s right – a mobile app is an extremely powerful business tool that will either kill your brand or rocket it to the skies.

The best idea is to hire an IT company, namely a company that works on mobile application development for brands that can really understand your needs and the needs of your audience. It is all about teamwork – this is when a perfect mobile app comes to life. Hearing an opinion of a single person might be satisfying and even convincing, but when there’s a staff of specialists working on your app, it’s a totally different thing.

How to Find a Reliable Mobile App Development Company?

This may seem a tough task to accomplish. However, finding a reliable and responsible mobile application development company is not that difficult. If you go to Google and type in “mobile app development company,” you will get tons of relevant results. There are tons of companies nowadays that have settled their camps in this market niche, because mobile applications are in great demand today.

Numerous statistics show that websites are mostly visited from mobile devices (tablets and smartphones), rather than desktop computers. Furthermore, whatever your specific audience is, you may be sure that they want the least hassle to access what they need on their device. This is why mobile apps for businesses are in such a great demand these days. You want to give your potential and actual clients what they need right away. They appreciate it.

Now, how do you define that a particular company will provide you with what you need? There are a few tips. A trusted mobile app development company should have:

  • Proficiency in iOS, Android OS, or both (at least);
  • Understanding of modern market trends;
  • Up-to-date sense of design;
  • Positive feedback from previous clients and portfolio;
  • Relevant prices;
  • Young team.

The last point is one of the most crucial ones. Although older specialists might have tons of experience, it doesn’t mean as much in today’s constantly changing market. And younger professionals are the best ones to adapt to these changes. They’re fresh, they’re dynamic, and they are hungry for more. This is exactly what any brand needs today.

How Will A Mobile App Add Value To My Business?

People in business are asking the question: How Will A Mobile App Add Value To My Business?

As a business owner, do you ever wonder why other businesses similar to yours are doing better, bringing in more revenue and attracting more loyal customers than you when you appear to be offering the same service or products? It can be frustrating but once we understand what value is, then it is an easy alignment to make to have your business being the one that is attracting the higher paying customers, bringing you more revenue and growth to the business. After  nearly 30 years in business and many years mentoring others in business, it is clear to me that to stand out in the marketplace you must be offering more than what your competition offers. More does not always mean more services or products either and this is what I want to discuss here.

Your  value to the marketplace

How can you increase your value to the customers you have already have? link

How can you add value in the marketplace to attract new leads in to your business?

1. Customer experience: This is important in the marketplace more than ever now. If you have a physical business, customers must feel great when in your premises. If you have an online business, customers must feel great from the moment they land on your pages.

The experience, from the first  touch to the sale, and beyond, must be an experience that feels great. People want to feel cared for and looked after. Lets face it, they can get your product/service anywhere these days. The question is:

  • Why are they coming to you?
  • What are you offering thats different to the competition?
  • What experience are you giving them that they are nor getting elsewhere?
  • What is your ‘feel good’ strategy?

The customer experience needs to be across all marketing – website, physical location, social media, mobile app, email, offline experience. Having a mobile app in place for your business gives that ‘feel good’ experience where your customers can get to know you and your business easily and conveniently- through their mobile device.


2. Communication: This is vital.

  • How are you communicating with your customers?
  • Are you reaching them where they can easily see and hear you?
  • Do you even know who your ideal customer is and where they hang out?

Your whole marketing strategy needs to be leveraged and in front of your ideal audience. This is where Mobile Marketing comes into play and is so important to business today. Consumers are mobile and if you are not reaching them on their mobile devices you may be missing out on business. Your ‘perceived’ value to the marketplace will also rise when you adopt this technology. It builds confidence that you care about your customers and you want to serve them in the best way possible.

A Mobile App is a powerful way to communicate with your audience.

This strategy alone gives you an edge over your competition. This strategy will not only stand you out but will have you being seen as a leader in your industry/market which will attract more customers who are willing to pay for your services/products.

3. After Sales Service/Follow Up: Staying in touch.

How is your strategy and process for this in your business? You may be losing repeat business and referrals through lack of follow up. Loyalty is vital for a growing business. Are you inviting loyalty to your business? Once again this is where the strategy of Mobile Marketing comes into play with the use of:

  • Loyalty rewards
  • Easy follow up
  • Easy on going communication and
  • A sense of ‘involvement’ and ‘staying top of mind’ in the lives of your customers.

A mobile app would have to be one of the easiest and most effective tools for this.

I know from experience in my own businesses that people will be attracted to your business because of the energy you put into it. They will remain loyal because of the experience you give them. They will not hesitate to pay your prices when they are receiving what they perceive to be value that matches that dollar value.

Take a look at your business this week.

What experience are your customers receiving?

Does the value you offer reflect the revenue you would like to be receiving?

What changes can you make?

What VALUE can you add?

5 Ways To Earn Revenue From An App

Apps, Smart Phone Apps, iPhone Apps, Phone Apps, Mobile Apps…whatever you wish to call them, they are certainly the tool that is being totally embraced in the current marketplace.


All types of businesses are utilizing this technology to communicate more effectively and in a more targeted manner. All types of businesses are also creating more leads and profits from Mobile Apps, used strategically and in partnership with their marketing.

There are of course many ways an app could bring in revenue for you, not just in your business alone, and in this article I will address 5 of these. The first 3 are for business owners who develop an app specifically for their business and customers and use it as part of their marketing strategy:

1. Lead Generation

Gaining extra sales means gaining new customers as well as increased sales from existing customers. Lead Generation is a vital part of this and most businesses now have a Lead Gen opt in or subscription form on their website and Social Media. This can also be extended to your business app.

Every time someone download your app, they will receive a front of phone message letting them know what you are offering and how they will benefit. In most cases, they are interested in your business before they even go looking for your app so it would make sense that they will fill in the form and subscribe/opt in to the value offering you have.

Having a list will enable better marketing as well as gaining new sales from the people who come into your sales funnel this way.

2. Front Of Phone Messages

Also known as Push Notifications, this function is an amazing way to get in front of your customers and potential customers (people who have downloaded your app but are not a customer yet). By having the ability to announce special offers/new products/appointment vacancies/tips and advice or event reminders in this way, you are reaching your interested audience AND you are reaching them without having to compete with a noisy marketplace – right there on their mobiles.

That is powerful, effective and will generate sales by keeping your business top of mind.



Depending on your business type, this is also a great way to fill appointment spots last minute, remind people of happenings within your business and also offer spot specials to make a quite day/night more profitable.


3. 24/7 Browsing and Sales

If you have a shopping cart or purchasing capability o your website, your business app is a great companion and a more convenient way for your customers to browse and buy from you.

Your app could also be a stand alone shopping device with your goods/services or products available at the top of a button to the user- through their mobile device.

There are more people sitting with their tablet, iPad or phone than sitting at their computer and even though they can look up your website on their device (and it needs to be mobile friendly!) it is MORE convenient and LESS hassle to simply tap on an icon (your app icon) and then browse your store, tap on what they desire and then buy.

The next 2 ways to make revenue from a mobile app are outside of your business and would be for an app development that you invest more time and money into for the return.

4. Develop a unique Industry app

In many industries and professions, there are systems and ways of doing things that are time consuming and often challenging for the business owner to manage.

Apps have come a long way to solving some of the everyday problems and tasks and systems by having the ability to streamline and calculate.

Is there a task or system in your business that could be made more simple by having an app do the work? If so, by investing in the development of this type of app and then selling it to your industry, you could be in line for some nice profits.

Examples of this would be Zero, and also Evernote. There are also many other apps in the marketplace that serve a purpose by either storing or calculating for you. Collecting data, keeping track of timesheets etc are all valuable processes to be streamlined and made easy. Apps can do that and they can have a nice revenue if done correctly.

5. Develop an Industry app and sell the licence to use it.

This is another very popular way to earn from an app development. If you have a great idea for a way to make something easier, or if you have an idea that would mean other businesses in your industry would also benefit, having a specific app to do this means you can licence it out so that you are earning from it, and the businesses who use it are also earning from it.

An example of this would be the Coffee Card app that is currently in the marketplace. This app is a loyalty card system in an app. The coffee shops/cafes that are using this app, pay a fee for the use. The customers benefit. The shop owner benefits and the app developer benefits. This is a great way for a business such as a cafe, to have a loyalty system in place instead of developing their own (which in some cases would actually be more cost effective!)


There you have it. 5 ways an app could bring in revenue to you and your business.

In the end, its all about how to communicate with your customers. Building relationships will create loyalty. This will create more referrals, sales and long term custom.

An app is the perfect tool for this as it cuts through all the white noise and places YOUR business directly in the hands of your interested and loyal audience.

Monetise your app too and you have the perfect sales tool working with you and for you.

Mobile Loyalty Programs – The Seven Advantages Of Having A Loyalty Card App

Mobile loyalty programs are great for getting customers to return to you, and make further purchases.  Even small businesses can develop their own mobile apps, affordably, to retain and engage with customers. A loyalty program will further enhance the capabilities of, and rewards of having a business app, and it is a practical way to interact and serve with your customers.

Why mobile apps are awesome

Mobile apps help people communicate and work on the go. We are living in a digital age, but also an age where people move around a lot – from work to school to socialisation. Mobile phones are not just about making phone calls any more, and there are also many new mobile devices, including tablets and PDAs that utilise the technology of apps.

Mobile apps, including loyalty card apps, are all about customer service. They should be developed to help people, and make them want to use them. If you are in a business and you are considering developing your own app, then you will want to choose one that is rich with features that assist and excite your users. Mobile apps are not just about direct marketing, but they are about helping people through offering a product that users actually want to use.


The seven advantages of having a loyalty card app

  1. Loyalty card apps have a distinct function. One of the dilemmas of developing a mobile app, is deciding how to make it functional and useful. Loyalty card apps are very useful and users will know exactly what they can do with them.
  2. Your customers will keep returning. In business you don’t need to make one sale, but you need to make many. A loyalty card app will get your customers returning to you for more, time and again, which means more sales for you.
  3. Simplicity. A loyalty card app has a great function, but it is also simple. You can develop apps that reward your customers for making purchases, and this makes everyone happy, including the customers. Things don’t need to get complicated.
  4. Mobile apps are fun to use. There is something exciting about technology, and mobile app users enjoy the novelty of using an app to do something, like make a purchase. When you develop an app for your business, you are giving your customers an enjoyable experience.
  5. Convenience. Paper loyalty cards get lost and damaged. They fall to the bottom of bags and get hidden behind other cards in purses and wallets. A mobile app is always there, because people look after their mobile phones and always have them with them.
  6. Your business will appear to be technologically progressive. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you should develop an app for your business. Your customers will see you as being progressive, innovative and ahead of the times, especially if you are a small business.
  7. An easy concept to understand. Even people who don’t use apps very often will be attracted to a loyalty card app, because they will understand the function and purpose of the app. They will think, ‘hey, I know how that works’, and will be willing to use it, because the concept is already familiar to them.

Consider developing a mobile app for your business, that has a loyalty card program attached. This is perfect for cafes, coffee shops and restaurants, but it can also extend to other businesses that want to encourage repeat business from their clients.

Why Every Cafe & Restaurant Needs a Mobile App

Cafe & Restaurant owners, a question for you…

In this fast world,  your customers are busy but they still like to eat out. Are they coming to YOUR cafe or restaurant? If not, where are they going and WHY?

Mobile Marketing will help you remind your customers about what you can provide for them. It will keep your cafe or restaurant TOP OF MIND and therefore bring your customers back more often. 

What will that mean for you?

Let me tell you about Maddie.

Maddie owns a local cafe that only serves lunch. Her customers have limited time to order and eat their lunch. Maddies cafe is so popular that the line up is out the door most days.

She needed another way to serve her customers more efficiently and timely so they would keep coming. She decided that a Mobile Ordering system was what she needed.

Now, her customers can order their lunch from their office, home or on the run and simply come and collect it when they are ready, and completely avoid the line up. PLUS earn loyalty points as well…all inside the app.

To say Maddie’s decision to have an ordering system through a customised mobile app was worth it would be an understatement. With 90 orders the first 2 weeks through the app the investment has well been worth it already!


As a long time business owner, I know that it takes many elements to run a successful business. But here is the main gist of it:

  • More customers = More revenue = More profits

Take this a step further and ask your self this:

  • What would my life look like if I had more money flowing in through this business?
  • How much money could I save in wages by having orders, bookings and enquiries coming electronically through an app?
  • What could my staff be doing instead of answering phones to take orders?
  • By nurturing my clients, they will become long term and loyal. How much is just one lifetime customer going to add to my profits in one year? And how can I easily increase that amount for each one of my regular clients?

How will a Mobile App increase revenue and save time for you?

Mobile Orders – Clients can order through their app and if you choose the option- they can also pay for the order or leave a deposit, through the app at the time of booking.

Special Offers– Send special offers to your clients, sell an oversupply of product, promote a new product through Push Notifications. These are message that get delivered instantly to their mobile devices.

Get people to your business with GPS offers– GPS Coupon offers mean that when your customers is in your cafe or restaurant, they are eligible for a special discount (one that you determine) or offer.

Loyalty Programs – Similar to a physical loyalty card, your customer get rewarded for regular visits with you.

Referrals- Easy sharing enable your customers to let their friends know about your amazing app and the value they can also receive from you.

Product Sales – If you have products to sell, a merchandise tab can be set up and it can be sold through your Mobile App. You dont even need a website but if you do have a website shopping cart in place, we can integrate.

There are so many benefits…so little cost.

For less than a coffee per day you can invest in this tool that will enhance your business in more ways than you imagine.

Talk to us at Strategic Business Apps today. Let me personally guide you through the process and magic of mobile marketing to really reflect your business and add to your bottom line.

Creative Ways to Advertise About Your App

mobile developmentAre you planning to create your app for your business? Advertising about your business apps is very important. Here are some ways you can use to advertise your app free of cost.

  1. Create your app page on Facebook

Facebook is one of the maximum used social media. You can easily connect to your customers using it. Create a page of your app describing about the app and the function of the app. Let your customers ask questions and give their reviews on this page.

  1. Use YouTube

You can make small videos advertising about your app. One minute video will be enough to describe your app. If you will make longer videos, users will lose their interest in the video. Upload these videos on your app’s YouTube channel. You can also use these videos on your app’s website.

  1. Make a website

Make a small website of two to three page. Use this website to describe the app and functions of the app.

  1. Solve negative reviews

Negative reviews will affect a lot to your app. So, if you find any negative reviews about your app, try to solve them as soon as possible. Additionally, reply to the customer’s negative reviews with the solution to the problem they are facing.

  1. Create contests

Ask your users to share their reviews and other contents related to the app on their social media. This will help you a lot in advertising about your app. Reward some of your customers for their efforts.

  1. Email marketing

Collect email ids of your potential customers from social media and send marketing emails. You can advertise to large number of customers with one email. You can directly send emails to your potential customers; hence, it will be very effective. Do not send excessive emails, it irritates the user and they will mark you spam.

  1. Pitch to websites

You can pitch to the websites who review about latest apps. They can help you to advertise large number of customers. If they will review your app, customers will get enough information about your app from these reviews. The potential users will notice even your app.

  1. Use your own social media profiles

You can also use your Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter or any other social media profile to advertise about your app. Share your app and contents related to your app several times a week.

These were some steps, you can also use other methods like using Pinterest, discussing about your app on pages where people are discussing on similar topics and many more methods.