Creative Ways to Advertise About Your App

mobile developmentAre you planning to create your app for your business? Advertising about your business apps is very important. Here are some ways you can use to advertise your app free of cost.

  1. Create your app page on Facebook

Facebook is one of the maximum used social media. You can easily connect to your customers using it. Create a page of your app describing about the app and the function of the app. Let your customers ask questions and give their reviews on this page.

  1. Use YouTube

You can make small videos advertising about your app. One minute video will be enough to describe your app. If you will make longer videos, users will lose their interest in the video. Upload these videos on your app’s YouTube channel. You can also use these videos on your app’s website.

  1. Make a website

Make a small website of two to three page. Use this website to describe the app and functions of the app.

  1. Solve negative reviews

Negative reviews will affect a lot to your app. So, if you find any negative reviews about your app, try to solve them as soon as possible. Additionally, reply to the customer’s negative reviews with the solution to the problem they are facing.

  1. Create contests

Ask your users to share their reviews and other contents related to the app on their social media. This will help you a lot in advertising about your app. Reward some of your customers for their efforts.

  1. Email marketing

Collect email ids of your potential customers from social media and send marketing emails. You can advertise to large number of customers with one email. You can directly send emails to your potential customers; hence, it will be very effective. Do not send excessive emails, it irritates the user and they will mark you spam.

  1. Pitch to websites

You can pitch to the websites who review about latest apps. They can help you to advertise large number of customers. If they will review your app, customers will get enough information about your app from these reviews. The potential users will notice even your app.

  1. Use your own social media profiles

You can also use your Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter or any other social media profile to advertise about your app. Share your app and contents related to your app several times a week.

These were some steps, you can also use other methods like using Pinterest, discussing about your app on pages where people are discussing on similar topics and many more methods.